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Take the stress away with Easy Drop Parcel

Modular Apartment Delivery Box

Your smart, secure, Apartment Parcel Delivery Box

Tired of missing a parcel delivery and coming home to a card on your door mat! With EDP you can have your unique Smart Secure Parcel Delivery Box supplied and fitted you will have the peace of mind that your parcel has been delivered and is safe and secure.

Easy Drop Parcel by Brizebox – Smart Secure Parcel Delivery Box

Easy Drop Parcel are offical suppliers of BrizeBox, the Smart Secure Parcel Delivery Box

During delivery, couriers post your parcel into the delivery chute of your Smart Secure Parcel Delivery Box, sending it to the locked and secure compartment, your unique barcode can be scanned or recorded as proof of delivery. The secure design of the box allows you to receive multiple parcels on any day and gives you peace of mind that nobody can phish parcels out or access your deliveries.

Get Easy Home Delivery When You Are Not In:

Couriers will know your preference of delivering your order to your parcel box leaving you to go to work, socialise and relax. Couriers can deliver all tracked and non-tracked parcels and also signed for parcels subject to the agreement of the retailer.

Smart Secure Parcel Delivery Box
Smart Secure Parcel Delivery Box