Never miss a parcel again.

(prices from £199)

(Modular System)

(Front or Rear Door)

How edp Works

It’s Simple!

The function of the parcel delivery box is simple. The drawer has a false bottom, which consists of flaps similar to bomb bay doors on a plane. When the handle is turned the flaps are drawn up enabling the drawer to open. The parcel is placed inside the drawer and when it is closed the flaps automatically release, allowing the parcel to drop through into the waterproof compartment and providing secure package delivery.

The Smarter Postbox

Ideal for apartments.
Modular design can be stacked
and bolted together in communal areas.

The Smarter Postbox

No combination numbers.
Accepts multiple deliveries.

The Smarter Postbox

We make sure on-line shoppers
receive their orders.

The Smarter Postbox

Can be bolted together
and mounted on optional posts.

The Smarter Postbox

Can be built into a wall.
Choice of front or rear door.
Ideal for new builds.


We are very focused on designing the ultimate secure, locking drop box. Every easy drop parcel comes with 15mm of shock absorbing foam in the base to help provide a soft landing for your parcel. However, in certain circumstances you may want to take a little more care of your parcel, if it is in any way fragile. The classic example of this is when having twelve bottles of wine delivered. That is why easy drop parcel has come up with an innovative solution to take care of these circumstances. We call it Soft-Drop. It’s basically a floating base that is suspended from springs and helps cushion your parcel as it lands. All Standalone Extra-Large models come fitted with Soft-Drop.