A simple concept. The unit fits through a hole in an external wall. The unit can have either a front-facing door or a rear-facing door. The unit comes with optional frames, with a lintel incorporated into the frame. The unit can be mounted into the cavity of a wall and screwed to the inner wall or built into an outside wall or built into a brick pillar. The unit does not come with pre-drilled holes, and it is left to the installer to make suitable holes dependent on the positioning of the unit. All fittings are included.
They come in three different sizes, Standard (accepts parcels 32×23x18cm), Large (accepts parcels 41x31x22cm) and Extra-Large (accepts parcels 52x39x32cm).
Please note! These units are not designed to receive parcels directly into a house; they do not have a thermal break. A model is being planned for the future which will enable parcels to be delivered directly into the home; you will never need to leave home again!

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